54 40 Or Putin

Womens March

rbd_0209-4x6I loved these faces and luckily had the camera ready. I’m guessing that the 54 40 or Putin sign is a reference to the historical Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! slogan used in a mid-nineteenth century Oregon boundary dispute. That was before Oregon was a state, and even before the boundary between the US and Canada had been formalized. Parallel 54 40 is a line of latitude that today is the southernmost tip of Alaska (territory that the US bought from Russia), but 175 years ago there was talk of making the 54 40 parallel the northern border of the Oregon Territory. Those were heady days for expansionists, people who wanted to plant a flag and lay claim to everywhere they visited. I suspect that the gent in this photo has turned expansionism on its head, making the point that by hacking into our election Russia, and therefore Putin, has effectively taken back Alaska and annexed the executive branch of our federal government.

And then there are those awesome pink goggles on the woman in front of him. Shame they weren’t prescription lenses; she might have worn them instead of her glasses.


Real Men Stand Up For Women

Womens March

rbd_0181-4x6So true: real men stand up for women. And we’re not just talking about being courteous / gentlemanly / traditional when she enters the room. We’re talking about standing up against systemic and cultural bias against women, and against anyone else.

Emotions were running high during the Women’s March, and a wide range of emotions can be seen in this photo.

We Were All Human

Womens March

rbd_0138-4x6Excellent point made:

We were all human UNTIL:

RACE disconnected US

RELIGION separated US


WEALTH classified US

Consider how different our world might be if we didn’t have all these clever ways to identify our differences. What if we focused on our commonalities instead? Yeah, I know, we’re all too cynical now. Things we all have in common? Sounds like lyrics to a John Lennon ballad. But what if we actually took to the street and tried…

Early Warning Signs of Fascism

Womens March

rbd_0122-4x6This warning should be taken seriously:

Early warning signs of fascism: powerful and continuing nationalism; disdain for human rights; identification of enemies / scapegoats; supremacy of the military; rampant sexism; controlled mass media; obsession with national security… and the list goes on. It will be interesting to compare our country in the next two years to early twentieth century Italy. For more information, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism

Other great messages:

We the resilient

Respeta mi existencia o espera resistencia

Prove us wrong

Love for my daughters




Obsessed with Uterus

Womens March

rbd_0108-4x6More great people, faces, and signs seen at the Women’s March in Portland:

Why are you so obsessed with my uterus?


Republican, Democrat, PISSED OFF.

Our rights are not up for grabs, neither are we.

Our bodies, our minds, our power.

Don’t tolerate intolerance.

The uterus sign definitely spoke to reproductive rights, but the pissed off sign struck me as more universal in nature. It spoke to everyone’s disappointment with politics and politicians. In fact, it could be argued that it is that disappointment that caused many disillusioned people to vote the way they did, and caused even more disillusioned people to not vote at all. In 2018 (and beyond), WE MUST VOTE.



Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Human Rights

Womens March

rbd_0104-4x6You can bet that Cyndi Lauper is loving this: girls just wanna have fun-damental human rights. Absolutely right!

I like the serious look on the sign-holder’s face, balanced by the fun of the woman next to her posing for a photo in a nasty shirt and pussy hat.

I took this photo about an hour before the march started, looking down into the crowd from the Morrison Bridge. I’m really surprised that the camera was able to pick up such detail. You can even see the image of “the nasty woman” on the cell phone capturing her picture. This reality made me wonder how many of my fellow photographers might have been some sort of government agent, and how many pictures like these that everyone loads online will be run through facial recognition software. We likely all have mugshots in government databases. Lovely.

This is what democracy looks like!

This is what democracy looks like?

This is what?