Womens March

rbd_0233-4x6We saw a lot of Alt-Wrong instead of Alt-Right signs, but these were the only people we noticed who put an economic spin on that. First, the enemy is the alt-rich and they own Trump. And just beyond them, Real reason for ACA repeal: 3.6% tax on alt-rich.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that the alt-rich own Trump, but let’s remember that rich people and rich companies own every politician in Washington, so Trump isn’t alone in this regard at all. We need to remove all the money and lobbyists from politics. That won’t be easy of course, because we’re asking people with their hands tied to the cookie jar to stop eating.

Did you notice the face of the young woman in the blue coat? What a great power pose for the camera! We couldn’t hear if she was growling or chanting, but it’s her future, her generation and others to follow, that will benefit most from positive changes we are able to make today. Just as the past helped shape today’s society, we are helping shape tomorrow’s.


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