Everyone Has Rights

Womens March

rbd_0017-4x6Everyone’s rights should be protected, no matter who they are or what their opinions may be. I was reminded of this because several people at the Women’s March were, well, a very welcome surprise. I acknowledge that I’m stereotyping here, but please understand that it’s rare to see a stetson hat in downtown Portland. Sure we’re “out west,” but cowboy culture is generally something we read about in history books, or see illustrated on the covers of country music vinyl LPs that we buy and leave scattered around our apartments. In any case, I was glad to see the person above who I (probably incorrectly) assume is a conservative joining us in downtown Portland. I noticed several other people wearing stetsons too, and again immediately assumed conservative. This made me stop and wonder what assumptions people make about me based on my appearance. That’s probably something we should all ask ourselves.

Conservative or liberal, black, brown  or white, rich or poor, religious or not, we all have rights and concerns and a planet to share.


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